is a Silicon Valley executive who leads innovation by design.


    He is VP of Design at Walmart, leading an extraordinary team of UX Researchers and Designers to transform the way the world saves money and lives better.


    He started Project ARA at Google, designed the original Surface at Microsoft, led design research globally at Motorola, and was the first VP of Design at Capital One. Dan began his career at the world’s top design agencies, and even started his own at one point (now on pause).


    The common thread across his career is the belief that design is most powerful when it's an expression of humble service, and innovation is most impactful when it fosters openness and inclusion.


    Most importantly, Dan knows seven versions of the running man.

  • Project Elements

    Making finances beautifully human.


    role founder & design director

    company Capital One

    announced 2017

    more Project Elements

  • D.Blog

    A stream of consciousness, all my own.

  • Improbable Banker

    I left free food, subsidized massages, and working for the most prestigious technology company to become a banker.

    Here's why.

  • Project Ara

    Any creature can consume, but it is only human to create.


    role  founder & design director

    company  Google

    releasing  late 2015

    more  ProjectAra.com

  • The Ara Team

    Meet the amazing team behind Project Ara.

  • MAKEwithMOTO

    You won't believe how Project Ara started. It may have involved a food truck, 18 design students, & 4K ft of velcro.

  • Moto Skip

    Passwords suck. Skip the pain.


    role co-creation lead

    company Motorola

    released 2013

    more Moto Skip website

  • Moto X

    The first phone that really listens.


    role headed ethnographic research, co-creation and brainstorming for natural voice scenarios

    company Motorola

    released 2013

    more Touchless Control Website

  • Surface 1.0

    For 30 years, we've learned the language of computers.
    It's time for computers to learn the language of people.


    role Interaction Design Manager

    company Microsoft

    released 2008

    more Surface Announcement

  • Studio Hybrid

    The most beautiful computer ever created.


    role Interaction Design Lead (joint project with Dell)

    company Microsoft

    released 2008

    more National Design Award

  • Compassionate Design

    This is how I approach design, and why I have a jar of Play Doh on my head.

  • Hello again.

    Feel free to connect with me anytime on my mobile (+1.650.772.0504), Twitter (@mak0ski), email (dan@mako.ski), smoke signal, or the little web form below :).

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