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Leadership, by Design

Expanding the Chief Design Office

In the four months since I joined UnitedHealth Group, I've witnessed first-hand how our Optum and UnitedHealthcare businesses are working to create a simpler health system from a Human-centered Design perspective. Whether it was a refresh of or the rapid launch of at-home Covid test reimbursements (at a speed I've only seen during my time in Silicon Valley), we are helping people live healthier lives and making the health system work better for everyone... today! 

To accelerate this design transformation, and tangibly deliver on our value of Compassion in every part of the group, I'm excited to announce that we've just posted the following three new roles:

Our Chief Design Office will serve the most extraordinary Design team in health care, embedding empathy and creativity into the heart of every journey and experience we deliver. I'm particularly interested in leaders who are not only exceptional Designers, but who are also urgently concerned with the needs of society and those who are often left behind in today's complicated health care system. If you know of pioneering Design leaders who get fired up by solving big challenges collaboratively and are eager to deliver meaningful improvements in how people connect to their next best self, please send them my way!