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An End-to-end Journey

Hello London.

Those that have worked with me know that I follow the DARPA approach of reflecting on my impact every two years, and take on a new project or tweak the dynamics of my current role to stay in flow. But this is not the main reason for my upcoming move to London.

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My wife and I shipped these three amazing "startups" :) in 1998, 2001 and 2004, and we've been steadily mentoring them over the past two decades. And while they are now ready to IPO to new schooling adventures in London and Prague, we're not quite ready to be that far apart from our teenagers. So after the Walmart Design team successfully shipped the courageous redesign of, we brought in the incredible Valerie Casey to take the team into their next phase of impact so my family and I can start our next journey together in London.

I'm joining Lloyds Banking Group as the first Chief Design Officer, accelerating the mission of helping Britain prosper through human-centered design. Prosperity is more than numbers. It’s about fostering a healthy relationship between people and money, encouraging daily moments of progress through clarity and confidence. Using design to empower true prosperity for people, households and businesses of all backgrounds will be the most important work of my career. It's been at the center of my motivation to champion Walmart's mission of helping people save money so they can live better, and I can't wait to continue this important work in a more direct way.

And while I do have a degree in International Relations (I minored in Communications with a focus on Interactive Multimedia), I fully expect to go through a bit of culture shock and awe as I transition from Silicon Valley to the UK. Your tips and suggestions are welcome as I spend the next half decade (or more) continuing my end-to-end journey in designing for prosperity in the UK!

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